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Jaime Caballero
** NOTE ** - taking only students that are interested in 3 lessons per week or more Hello! My name is Jaime. I've been a tutor for a bit under two years teaching all sciences, math, and occasionally history, computer science, and Spanish. My top priority is to make my students understand their subjects at a fundamental level while making the lesson fun and engaging. I achieve this by involving the student as much as possible, asking questions, and encouraging discussion. I take an empathetic approach and focus on curiosity and independent learning. My subjects to teach: - Lower level: sciences, math, history, physical ed. - GCSE: Math, all three sciences, computer science, physical ed. - A-Level: biology and chemistry (NOT organic chemistry) - Languages: Spanish (native speaker)
Biology, Chemistry, Coding, Computer Science, Maths (lower level), Spanish
Deeksha Sharma
GCSE: Mathematics Experience with KS1/KS2/KS3 Indian, UK schooling system Languages: Hindi/English Preferred student age group: Primary level/GCSE level I am an optimistic and realistic person who loves working with children. I am self-motivated, always keen to up-skill myself by learning new things. I enjoy doing yoga, dancing, cooking, baking and love to spend free times with my family. I am native to India and all my education has been done there only. I have been residing in England with my husband and a son for the past 4 years.
Maths (lower level)
Emily Lin
Subject: 11+ Ages: primary Exam Boards: GL, CEM, CSSE - can tailor to independent schools Languages: Cantonese (Fluent) and English (Mother Tongue) Hello, my name is Emily and I am a recent First Class Law Graduate from the University of Birmingham. I am currently on a gap year as a future trainee solicitor and I have a passion for teaching. I have had 2 years of experience as a professional tutor for Explore Learning, teaching maths and English and 11+. I have also had experience private tutoring 11+ too. My hobbies include reading and dancing and I can't wait to get to know you all!
Amanda White
Education Open University Uni Level: History and Sociology Exam board exp: AQA and Edexcel Experience with: Year 3 - Year 6 (primary). GCSE History and Sociology. Preferred age group: Year 3 onwards and KS4. I recently completed a degree which incorporated History, Sociology and Politics. I have also worked in a mainstream primary school for twelve years and have a passionate interest in working with children with special needs. My hobbies include reading, camping and swimming.
History, Other, Primary
Callum Conway-Shaw
I have just graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in History and Politics, now working full-time as a Tutor. Subjects: Lower Level: English, Maths GCSE: English Language, English Literature, History, Politics, Citizenship A-Level: English Language, English Literature, History, Politics Degree Level: History, Politics - All exam boards welcome! - - All ages welcome! - About me: I love sports, particularly football and tennis, as well as writing and reading. I achieved three A*'s in my A-Levels, despite having my final year hampered due to Covid. I grew up in London, before attending Nottingham University. In my spare time I play for a football team (find them on Youtube "5IVE GUYS FC"!), support Arsenal, and love going out with my friends. I pride myself on a relaxed but firm teaching style, as I believe it's important to build a relationship - a rapport with the student is a crucial part of helping them improve their work. I have helped numerous students boost their grades, as well as changing their attitude towards their studies.
English, History, Maths (Primary)
Krishi Shah
Hi, my name is Krishi and I am currently studying Economics at University of Warwick. I have experience in tutoring for 2 years, ranging from KS3 to A level. I have improved the grades of my 15 students by using the Pomodoro Technique, an effective learning style. I have tutored students with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. I really like sharing knowledge and helping young students succeed in their exams!
Economics, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)

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The importance of KS3

If your child is in Key Stage 3, you know their educational experience is getting serious. With GCSEs in 12 or 13 subjects looming on the horizon, your kid can’t afford to miss any opportunities.

As a parent, you try to do all you can to support them including helping with their homework and studies. In primary school, it’s not so tough to lend a hand, but Key Stage 3 (KS3) brings so many subjects in so much more detail that any parent can quickly feel out of their depth.

The secondary school system is also much more impersonal and fast-moving than primary school. Huge class sizes and packed timetables mean it’s difficult, if not impossible for teachers to work with every child to help them reach their maximum potential.

In many ways, the education system throws kids into the deep waters of secondary school and leaves them to sink or swim. The best way to make sure they survive the experience and prosper is to find a well-qualified and experienced KS3 tutor to mentor and guide them.

That said, trying to find the best KS3 tutor may seem like a challenge. Where do you start looking? Is the best qualified KS3 tutor within walking or driving distance? Will your kid have to take two or three buses alone in the evening to a distant part of town? Do you have to verify the qualifications and experience of multiple candidates before you find the best KS3 tutor? Can you trust them?

How to find the best KS3 tutor for your child

Forget about transport arrangements and travel times and don’t worry about checking identities and vetting backgrounds!

GoStudent provides over 20,000 verified and highly-qualified professional tutors for more than thousands of classes every month. We have the experience and solid credentials to help you and your child find the best KS3 tutor available for all subjects.

Why is GoStudent the place to find the best KS3 tutor?

We know finding your child a one-to-one tutor is not something you want to take lightly, so we have built our platform with peace of mind for parents at its heart.

Tutors who work for GoStudent must meet strict professional and character criteria. They must be experts at the subjects they teach, have excellent teaching skills and friendly, patient and communicative personalities.

We carry out stringent background checks and put candidate tutors through repeated interviews as well as exams to verify their teaching abilities.

The best KS3 tutors who make the grade and start working for us still get regular training sessions and class inspections to keep their skills sharp.

What do you look for to find the best KS3 tutor?

We at GoStudent know the best KS3 tutor will help your kid get to their feet in any subject quickly and confidently. No child left behind is their motto and they adapt materials and lessons to suit the different needs of every pupil.

GoStudent can help you find the best KS3 tutor for all these subjects and more:

  • Art and design

  • Citizenship

  • Computing / ICT

  • Design and technology

  • English

  • Geography

  • History

  • Maths

  • Modern foreign languages

  • Music

  • Religious education

  • Science

You will find the best KS3 tutor is one who uses their knowledge and teaching skills to encourage students to achieve their full potential. They will plan their lessons to cover the curriculum and give your child the confidence to move from basic concepts to more advanced areas. The best KS3 tutor knows classes should be entertaining to be effective and that creativity and imagination are vital tools for educators.

The best KS3 tutors use one-to-one sessions to provide a tailor-made learning experience that lets your child make the most of their educational opportunities. Tough topics can get more attention and those your child finds easy can be set aside to avoid wasting time. You will find the best KS3 tutors can improve your child’s performance in quite a short space of time.

Using GoStudent, it’s simple to find the best KS3 tutor and book a lesson at a time that is good for you and regular classes can be scheduled or rescheduled in a few steps.

With a Whatsapp group set up for you, your child and their tutor and our online performance records it’s easy to keep up with their progress.

You can contact our support staff with any questions you might have. If you decide a tutor you have been using is no longer a good fit for your needs you can book sessions with another educator with no issues.

All classes can be recorded easily so your child can build their own personal library of video tutorials to rewatch as often as they need to, a significantly valuable resource when it comes to studying or revising for exams.

GoStudent allows you to find the best KS3 tutor that will encourage, empower and inspire your child to succeed throughout Key Stage 3. It’s never too late to book your free trial lesson with a KS3 tutor, so sign up to see how we can give your kid the extra edge in school today!