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Hasan Shahzad
About me: Hi, my name is Hasan – I’m a Medical Student at The University of Leeds, with over 1500 hours tutoring KS3 and GCSE Sciences as well as A level Biology and Chemistry. Having worked with numerous students from start to end of their studies, I have an in depth understanding of what is required of students in preparation for their examinations. On average, my students have shown a 2-3 grade improvement from their previous level. My Style: Tailoring explanations to the specific needs of students and creating an interactive environment is an important part of my lessons. Key concepts (especially in Chemistry and Physics) require things to be explained step by step – I explain these concepts with the use of my own written Powerpoints along with the use of an online whiteboard to draw and describe things easily. Some of my reviews: 'Susan' - Parent (A-Level Biology) – “Hasan has been an all-round excellent tutor – he has worked closely with Tom over the past 2 years and his grades have improved from 6s in the sciences to 8s and 9s” 'Haris' - Parent (GCSE Chemistry and Physics) – “Ahmad got his GCSE grades today and he did brilliantly – can’t thank you enough” 'Mary' Parent (A-Level Chemistry) - “Thank you for your time and patience, you did an amazing job tutoring Elliot!” 'Muslih' - Parent (GCSE Sciences) - “Rania used to struggle a lot with the certain topics in chemistry but since her lessons with Hasan started she has started to find these concepts much easier to understand” Saqib - Parent (GCSE Sciences) - “Hasan has been great tutor and helped Hamza a lot in preparation for his Science GCSE exams – good job” Sara’s Mother (Year 9 Sciences and Maths)– “My daughter was so unhappy with her school teachers but Hasan was very thorough and brought back some fun to lessons as well” Subjects and Levels: Tutoring GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics and A-Level Biology and Chemistry Student Age Group: - Secondary School - GCSE - A-Level
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Afolabi Nurse
Levels and subjects I teach: GCSE: Computer Science A-Level: Computer Science, Maths Exam Board Experience: Edexcel, OCR About me: I am a driven, enthusiastic and hard-working individual. I have been underestimated by my school at GCSE and A-Level, as I achieved far greater grades than they predicted. I am excellent at Maths and Computer Science; and through my cognition, I will be able to explain key concepts in detail so that students walk away from each session with new acquired knowledge and understanding.
Computer Science, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Sean Huh
KS1/2/3: Mathematics, Science GSCE: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics Hey all, I'm a recent graduate having studied chemistry at university and currently applying for masters courses. Having had some tutoring myself during my GSCE period, I know how much of a nerve wracking experience it is for both students and parents, with my lessons focusing on teaching best based on the students learning style, I hope to put those nerves at ease. Above are the list of subjects I teach and at which level. Academics aside, I like to keep active by training boxing and have fought to an amateur level. I also enjoy constructing model kits (Gundam) and speak Korean fluently as although I was born in the UK, my parents came from South Korea.
Chemistry, Maths (lower level)
Doga Kucuk
Lower level: Maths and 11+ (entrance and SATs) GCSE: Biology (AQA would be preferred) and Maths I am fluent in Turkish My preferred age groups would be 11-16 (up until GCSE) I am 22 years old, with a lot of educational experience surrounding Maths and Science that I would love to transfer to my students. I believe that learning should be fun and will ensure all my students are having fun in our lessons. My hobbies are baking and reading.
11+, Biology, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level)
Abdul Rehman Mohsin
Hello! My name is Abdul Rehman Mohsin. I am an undergraduate student of mechanical engineering. The subjects I teach are Alevel and GCSE Maths and Physics, GCSE chemistry and Alevel Philosophy and theology(or simply philosophy). I have achieved A*s in Alevel Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics, so I can help you achieve the same. I can also help you out with Alevel Further Mathematics. Having been a part of the national physics team for my country for the 2020 IPHO, my physics is also quite strong. Although I did not study philosophy in my Alevel, I was always interested in the subject. Having read quite a few books, articles/papers and having watched so many debates, I have a good grasp on the basics and I continue to delve deeper. Therefore, I am confident that I can teach Alevel Philosophy. Now moving beyond academics, I am a big video games and anime enthusiast, so if you are a red dead or a one piece fan, we can have a lot to talk about. Addtionally, my hobbies range from reading lots of philosophy to playing strategy games such as chess or Age of Empires 3.
Chemistry, Maths (upper level), Other, Physics
Anna Fancett
If you're looking for a tutor who's passionate and patient, look no further! I bring my creative yet logical approach to English literature and ESL to every tutoring session. I have three degrees, including a PhD, in English literature, and have worked for further education institutions for over ten years. From 8 year olds wanting to improve their reading comprehension, to students preparing for school exams, to undergraduates needing to write better essays, I've tutored them all! Most of my school experience is in the Scottish curriculum. I have a CELTA in teaching English as a foriegn language and have taught children and adults in Asia and the Middle East. I love teaching all levels, especially children.

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