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Your child can get A Level chemistry tuition for as low as £22.50 per session.The price of each private tuition session depends on how regularly and for how long your child takes tuition with us. Book a free trial session with us and you can find out how affordable private tuition with GoStudent can be for you.

Students learning with GoStudent can access our pool of A Level chemistry tutors. Our tutors are experts in giving 1:1 private tuition A Level chemistry. To get a free trial session for your child, simply provide your details and we will get back to you.

Online tuition is a great option for many families. The GoStudent platform allows A Level chemistry tutors and students to connect easily online. The A Level chemistry tutors use online whiteboard and interactive lesson plans alongside easy to share materials in order to bring the A Level chemistry lessons alive. Book a free trial lesson with GoStudent and find out more about how private online tutoring can work for you.

As well as private A Level chemistry tuition, GoStudent can help your child with other subjects and levels. Pick from:

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With GoStudent your child isn't tied to one subject. If they are taking A Level chemistry tuition but then need support with a different subject or level, we can help them get that support with a specialist tutor for that subject and level.

GoStudent helps to unlock the full potential of every child, across a wide range of subjects including A Level chemistry. We do this by:

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  • We always try to find innovative ways of teaching, including using videos, computer games or music.
  • We offer a highly individualised and personalised service, meaning that every kid gets the right tutor for them, based on their specific needs and learning style.

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How to get the best A Level chemistry tutoring with GoStudent

Chemistry A-level covers both organic and inorganic chemistry, running the gamut from atomic structures and how to use molecular formulae to energy changes and ionic bonding. There are many formulae and processes to learn and remember in chemistry A-level, including quite a bit of maths. As each topic area builds on a specific set of foundations, it’s important that students don’t fall behind. There is a lot of material to cover in two years, and classroom teachers don’t have time to stop and give individualised help. However, having access to A-level chemistry private tuition throughout their sixth form gives your child the opportunity to really solidify their understanding every step of the way.

Physical chemistry help with A-level chemistry tutors

Students will learn to find out the basic particles in atoms and ions, how to use a simple mass spectrometer, and how to work with data about ion activity. They will also be introduced to the mole as a unit of measurement used in chemistry, calculations to determine the relative mass, and using the Avogadro constant to determine the number of particles in a mole. Students will also learn about acids, bases and buffers, and how they interact with different substances, as well as how to calculate pH. There are many types of calculations in this topic area, and it’s easy to get turned around. Having a private A-level chemistry tutor review the learning material with your child regularly means they won’t fall behind if they take a bit longer to understand a concept.

Chemistry A-level tutoring makes sense of inorganic chemistry

Students go deep into the periodic table, learning the classification of elements as s, p, d or f blocks, and the melting point of certain elements. This is when the chemistry equations can get very confusing for some students, as they start using the chemical names for elements in equations. It is also an exciting part of chemistry, as it involves much experimentation and cool chemical reactions. Much of their work in this topic area is focused on the changing properties of elements through various means such as boiling, melting, freezing, concentrating, extracting, oxidising, and so on. Getting a handle on writing out what is happening using the right notation is where chemistry A-level tutors are really invaluable.

Organic chemistry help from A-level chemistry tutors

The world of carbon compounds is covered in organic chemistry. There is a lot to remember here, from IUPAC rules for nomenclature to the prefixes for naming carbon chains. Thankfully, organic chemistry has loads of mnemonics for remembering all these little clusters of names and processes, and experienced A-level chemistry tutors will know them all! Students also get to dive into some of the ways amino acids, proteins and DNA interact with our bodies, including practical applications like anticancer drugs and enzyme inhibitors. This is also when students learn about polymerisation and more about different nitrogen compounds like amines, amides, as well as more about amino acids. Across their organic chemistry modules, students will use some of the analytic techniques they used previously, like infrared and mass spectroscopy to understand the structural features in molecules, as well as simple test tube tests for analysing and identifying substances.

A-level chemistry exam revision goes better with a tutor

There is so much to cover in chemistry A level, just thinking about the revision process can make some students get a bit upset. However, an experienced A-level chemistry tutor can help your child map out a study plan, and review the material with them to see where they might have some learning gaps. It’s tough to cover two years’ worth of A-level chemistry lessons by themselves, and this way you can be sure they are using their revision time in the most effective way possible.

Online tutoring is the way to go

Trying to track down a good A-level chemistry tutor locally can be next to impossible, depending on where you live. No doubt you’re not the only parent with that idea, and during revision time their time will be hard to come by. With online tutoring, you’re not limited to just local tutors, but have a much better choice so you can find the tutor that knows their stuff but will also be a good fit for your child’s learning style. With online tutoring, there’s no travel time and convincing your teenager to go somewhere in the rainy evening to work on their chemistry. This way they’re only heading to their room for a bit of extra help, and you don’t even need to drive them there – win-win!