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Why become an online tutor with GoStudent?

More than just a tutoring site

GoStudent provides you with everything you need to teach online. We find you students and you manage your lessons through our platform. GoStudent takes away the hassle of being self-employed.

No need to post tutoring ads

We find the students for you. That way you'll have more time to focus on doing what you love – teaching!

The benefits of giving classes online


Give classes from wherever you want


Teach from anywhere you have a good internet connection


Personal support


We find students for you


Work independently


Do something worthwhile


Enhance your CV


Improve your teaching skills


We take care of all administration

The benefits of our tutoring website


Give lessons online


Work with your students 1:1


Upload resources for your students


Lessons can be recorded for students to watch back later

How much can you make as an online tutor?

Making money from online classes is easy with GoStudent. Find out how much you can earn.

£280 mthly.
for only 5 lessons per week
£1300 mthly.
for about 20 lessons per week

about 10
about 20
about 30
about 40
Up to 620 £ / month

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Become an online tutor and teach online classes via our platform.

I recently joined GoStudent and so far I've gotten along great with everyone on the team, always receiving the help I need! The general atmosphere is very pleasant.

Daniel F.


An excellent concept! As a tutor I am able to deal flexibly with all my students :) The supervision of the tutors by GoStudent is great.

Hannah G.


I am delighted that I can help people with GoStudent.

Jess R.


I am a tutor at GoStudent and find the work to be well organised and results-oriented. Plus it's great fun!

Sophie C.


I only started teaching here recently but I have been very impressed! The team has a great relationship with us tutors, the organisation is spot on and everything works as it should.

Esther P.


I've been working at GoStudent as a tutor for 1.5 months now and I really like it because it's a very flexible and varied job.

Isabel L.


Fantastic team. All the problems I encountered as a tutor were managed quickly and seamlessly. The freedom and personal independence makes this a great second income. I also appreciate the fact that it is not dependent on location.

Stephen E.


How to become an online tutor with GoStudent

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FAQ become an online tutor


Tutor Recruitment

Become an online tutor

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We ideally require our tutors to commit a minimum of 6 sessions per week. You must be qualified at high school diploma level or above. You need to have a laptop (or PC) and stable internet connection to teach online.

As the registration process consists of five simple steps, it usually only takes 5-10 days until you are a verified tutor and can begin teaching.

You offer independent tutoring via our platform. There is no employment relationship. You are responsible for any taxes and National Insurance contributions.

We can always guarantee you a steady stream of students. We also take care of everything so that you can focus 100% on teaching.