The GoStudent Future of Education Report 2023

We have surveyed more than 6,147 parents or guardians and their children across 6 European countries to learn what they think about the current education system and what they believe should change for future generations.
Across Europe, Generation Z and Alpha prove to be ambitious and driven, with a clear vision of what they expect from the education system; demanding an evolution in the curriculum and better integration of technology to set them up for greater future success.

A note from Felix Ohswald

When I think about the classroom of the future I am certain of one thing: it will look very different to what you and I grew up with. I can say with confidence that technology will transform the space in which children learn. I also believe more stock should be put into listening to the needs of each generation of learners. If we do this, we will reshape not just how we teach, but also the curriculum. As we lead the shift towards making quality education more accessible through technology and innovation, we give great importance to ensuring it is the voices of children currently in the education system that drive our decisions and developments. By understanding and listening to their needs today, we are able to unlock each child’s potential and set the course for better education in the future.

Highlights from the report

Does technology makes it easier to learn and fuel creativity?

8/10 children in the UK think it does!
77% also feel that technology enables them to develop their creativity, compared to an average of 69% for all children in Europe.

Is there enough tech integrated into our children’s curriculum?

70% of children would like schools to incorporate more technology into the curriculum.
Still, 64% of UK children do think their teachers are good with technology and encourage them to learn with it - the highest rate in Europe.

Will the Metaverse play a key role in the future of education?

of children believe that the Metaverse is beneficial for educational purposes.
of children agree that the Metaverse will enable them to learn more effectively.
of UK parents see the benefit of using the Metaverse for education - one of the lowest rates in Europe.

The next generation aspires to have a job they love

How important are each of the following to you in your future?
In the UK, children are most motivated by having a job they love in the future. In comparison to their European peers they put more emphasis on high performance and success at work than having a great social life.
More UK children want to make a difference in the world compared to other European countries, although Italy leads this with 81%.
However, less than half of children in the UK believe school is preparing them for their dream job - the lowest rate in Europe

Children want to be better equipped for the future

School is teaching me the skills to…
UK children agree that school is equipping them with the skills to stay safe online, and teaching them how to protect the environment. This is well above the European average.
would like to be taught finance.
would like to be taught video game programming.
would like to be taught AI.

Do parents agree that these subjects should be taught at school?

UK parents rank the highest in Europe when it comes to wanting personal finance to be taught in school, mirroring children's interest in finance ahead of tech topics.
UK parents come second, only to parents in Germany, with their desire for children to learn mindfulness.

About GoStudent

GoStudent is one of the world’s leading tutoring providers and education platforms.  Founded in Vienna, Austria, in 2016 by Felix Ohswald (CEO) and Gregor Müller (COO), the venture-backed unicorn has raised more than €675m from investors including Prosus, Left Lane Capital and SoftBank Vision Fund 2.  Believing the future of education is hybrid, GoStudent has expanded its offering, with the acquisition of three EdTech companies - Seneca Learning, Tus Media and Fox Education - and offline tutoring business, Studienkreis.  Together, these companies aim to unite the best of the online and offline world to unlock every child’s potential.

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