Online tutoring is scientifically proven to increase grades & confidence

One-to-one online tutoring can transform academic performance and boost confidence, setting students on the path to long-term success.

3 in 4 students improved by up to three grades with GoStudent’s personalised tutoring
90% of students who improved academically also reported increased confidence levels


A comprehensive independent study, conducted by Research Director Dr. Tricia Thrasher, surveyed 2,616 parents and students using GoStudent across Europe. The research was designed to evaluate the impact of one-to-one tutoring with GoStudent on students' academic performance and self-confidence across various school subjects. Students ranged from 6 to 18 years old and primarily received tutoring in Mathematics, Sciences, English, and Foreign Languages.

Supporting Academic Recovery

Around 7 in 10 students who were previously on track to fail a subject achieved a pass grade after committing to personalised tutoring.

Strong Science Progress

83% of science students improved their grades after 9 months of consistent tutoring.

Excellent Maths Progress

80% of maths students improved their grades after 12 months of consistent tutoring.

"One-to-one tutoring with GoStudent not only enhances academic performance but also boosts student self-confidence and motivation. I believe that these attributes associated with one-to-one tutoring with GoStudent will contribute to a student’s overall learning process, promoting lifelong learning."

Peer-review by Takako Aikawa, PhD, Sr. Lecturer in Japanese Global Languages at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

What parents and students say about tutoring

Parent, Germany

"Your tutoring has been super helpful for our son; he was able to improve his grades by 2 points and passed the middle school diploma.”

Parent, Spain

“Since my daughter started taking classes, she has improved a lot. I am very happy with the tutor who [is] helping my daughter solve and learn everything she doesn't know or finds difficult.”

Parent, UK

"My daughter's grade before tutoring was 4, and now she scored 9 in the last mock exams. The result has been impressive.”

Student (15), Italy

“A great experience. I recommend it to everyone. I really like it, I started speaking English much better. I am happy, I see a lot of improvements in pronunciation and listening. I thank my dear tutors!”

Student (17), Germany

“I am super satisfied with GoStudent. I have improved significantly in the subject, and it helped me for my year abroad. Also, my teacher took away my fear and explained everything to me very well and answered all questions.”

About GoStudent

GoStudent is one of the world’s leading tutoring providers and education platforms. Founded in Vienna, Austria, in 2016 by Felix Ohswald (CEO) and Gregor Müller (COO), the venture-backed unicorn has raised more than €675m from investors including Prosus, Left Lane Capital and SoftBank Vision Fund 2. Believing the future of education is hybrid, GoStudent has expanded its offering, with the acquisition of three EdTech companies - Seneca Learning, Tus Media and Fox Education - and offline tutoring business, Studienkreis. Together, these companies aim to unite the best of the online and offline world to unlock every child’s potential.

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Kristina Bassett Director PR & Communications

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