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About GoStudent

GoStudent is the future of tutoring. Our vision is to help students reach their full potential and replace traditional (often unpopular) tutoring through innovative online teaching.

The offer is suitable for pupils and students of all ages who either need help with learning or want to reach their full potential with our support.

Tutors at GoStudent are committed students and teachers who are experts in their respective subjects. Before tutors can offer online classes, they have to pass a thorough quality check.

GoStudent wants to simplify learning and bring digitalisation into an outdated tutoring system. We help students with tailor-made tutoring in our virtual classroom.

We offer tutoring in all school subjects, especially Maths, Physics and English. We are currently expanding our offering for university students as well. If you cannot see a subject you would like, please contact us.

Private Tutoring

In the same way as traditional tutoring. The only difference is that student and tutor are in a virtual room. Both see/hear each other in live mode using integrated functions.

Yes, you will need a microphone so that you can communicate with the tutor. However, a webcam is not absolutely necessary. The most important thing is that you can hear each other.

Recording starts as soon as the tutor approves the recording and the student starts the recording. When the session is finished, you will immediately be asked where to save the file on your PC/laptop.

Travel time and costs are eliminated. With the recording function, the lesson can be recorded and played back at any time. Short-term bookings and changes of tutors are possible thanks to the variety of tutors.

A tutoring session lasts 50 minutes

The lesson can be recorded using the recording function. Files are shared in the chat and a digital whiteboard allows you to work together. Screen sharing is also possible.

Open the chat and then click on “More”. Then select the option “Share file in meeting”. You will then have access to your personal folder.


The costs per unit range from CAD $28.84 to CAD $39.50 depending on membership. Our goal is to find the perfect model for everyone! More info can be found here.

At GoStudent, every customer can choose the perfect model from a wide range of options. You can request advice here.

The following secure payment methods are available: credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx), on account, SEPA direct debit (only IBAN is required) and instant bank transfer (just choose bank & you will be redirected).

You can fill out our official cancellation form at any time (and at the latest 7 days before renewal) if you wish to cancel your account after the selected minimum term.

Go to our Homepage and sign up for a trial lesson! You can choose from any subject as well as the date you want.

The two defining features are the number of sessions and the duration. Which model fits best depends on the specific situation.


Log into GoStudent with your mobile number and click on “Tutor selection” in the menu on the left-hand side. The list of tutors will then appear. Select a tutor and any date/time.

You will find your booking link under “My bookings” (WebApp) or “video sessions” (MobileApp). Please click the link at the agreed time, which will redirect you to the online classroom.

In the web app, you will find your menu in the top left-hand corner. You can find all your booked units under “My bookings”. In the mobile app, you will find the bookings under “Video Sessions”.

All unused credits at the end of a billing cycle (when your next payment will be charged) will be removed from your account. To avoid losing your remaining credits, you can use them to schedule some lessons in the following months. Make sure to take advantage of all your credits!

To do this, select a tutor from the list of tutors. After clicking on the button “Take video lesson”, select the button “Private chat”. Here you can send the tutor a message in advance.

You always have the possibility to reschedule your lesson in the WebApp, as long as it is up to 60 minutes before the scheduled start time.

All you have to do is click on the clock symbol in the ‘session overview’ section, and choose a new start time and date. Your tutor will then either accept or reject this request. You can also ask your tutor via your WhatsApp group - we strongly recommend doing this as far in advance as possible before the session start time.

Please bear in mind that if a reschedule request is at short-notice, your request may still be rejected by your tutor, as they will have spent valuable time preparing the session. As many of our tutors have busy schedules, they also lose the lesson time which could have been used for another student.

In the web app, you will find your credit in the top left-hand menu. In the mobile app, you will find the credit under “Profile”, where you can top up your credit at any time.

Become a tutor

For 1:1 tutoring, you should be over 18 and have professional teaching skills.

Apply here and log in via “Login”. Once you are logged in, click on “Get verified” and fill in your profile information.

You can give 1:1 tutoring online. You can also create and hold group courses for several participants on different subjects.

Once we have received your application, we will invite you to a video call where we explain everything to you and test your professional teaching skills. Once we’ve done this, we will organize your first lesson.

You can register and enter the homework chat via “Login” on our homepage. Log in and click on the button “Request verification” to become a video tutor.

You can work where and when you want and save on travel. In addition, you are part of a large community while the technical features ensure interesting and enjoyable tutoring sessions.

Between $11 and $19 per unit (50 minutes). Since we are always able to provide you with a steady stream of customers, your monthly earnings are heavily dependent on your availability.

You work as a freelancer and earn an hourly rate. You are therefore not bound by any contract. If your monthly earnings exceed the marginal earnings threshold, you must report this to the tax office and insurance company.

For tutors

Students can choose you from the list of tutors and book one of your available slots. Please make sure you have entered your availability, otherwise students will not be able to see you.

If the student does not attend, wait 15 minutes and then let us know. You will then get $11 for a no-show. If the trial session is postponed in time (6 hours before), you will not be paid.

If your monthly earnings exceed the marginal earnings threshold, you must report it. The rules and limits vary from country to country. You can find out about these directly from the tax office or insurance company.

Payout is always made between the 12th and the 17th of the following month.

Kindly refer these parents to us. We are always in close contact with the respective parents as well as with the tutor and thus guarantee a seamless tutoring process.

Technical questions

Please contact our support and leave us a short message with your mobile number. We will change your account within a few hours.

Please contact our support with a detailed description of the problem and a screenshot/image/video of the problem. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Please check that the “Audio on” function in the bottom left-hand corner is switched on and that your microphone is on. Please quickly tell the tutor in the chat that you cannot hear them so that they can fix the problem.

Please try to log in several times. If that doesn’t work, you should log out, empty the cache, restart your device and log in again. If that doesn’t solve the problem, please contact our support.

Please contact our support with a detailed description of the problem and a screenshot/image/video of the problem. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Please check that the “Audio on” function in the bottom left-hand corner is switched on, your microphone is working and the software has been installed. If all this is correct, restart the meeting.


Data is stored anonymously on a secure server. They are used to individually adapt and improve the offering. Payment data is transmitted via a secure SSL connection.

Children are only in contact with official tutors. Unless data is shared by the child or parents, no one has access to personal information.

Payments on the GoStudent platform are processed by our partners ADYEN and KLARNA, the best known and most secure payment providers worldwide.


The best way to contact us is to send us a direct message via the support chat in the app, via the chat function on our website (icon in the bottom right-hand corner) or via our contact form.

If you want to delete your account including all the data, please send a message to our support team via the contact form and we will take care of it.

If you would like to apply for a job at our company or simply contribute new ideas, the best way to get in touch is to use our contact form. We look forward to receiving your message!