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GoStudent Prices and Tutoring Packages


How much does GoStudent online tutoring cost?

The price of tutoring varies from $49.99 per lesson and lower, depending on the type and duration of the learning plan. For example, the cost of maths tutoring will be lower if you purchase a package with several lessons included.

How GoStudent tutoring works:

Everything included in the package price

The price of private tutoring often varies depending on the subject or level of the student. But with GoStudent, the cost of tutoring depends solely on the type of package you choose to purchase. With GoStudent, the price of maths tutoring is the same as the price of English tutoring and the price of primary school tutoring is the same as secondary school tutoring.

Types of tutoring

  • Private classes
  • Online courses
  • Retaking a subject
  • Homework help
  • All subjects
  • Exam preparation

Lesson organization

  • 100% flexible
  • Easy scheduling
  • Private tutors
  • WhatsApp group with the tutor
  • Automatic payment
  • Substitute tutors guaranteed

Virtual classroom

  • Available on all devices
  • Recording function
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Screen sharing
  • Send and receive files

Additional features

  • Tailored learning plan
  • Progress reports
  • Homework chat
  • Bonus if you bring new students to GoStudent
  • Free Learning materials

Completely risk-free

Secure payment

No agency fees

High quality tutoring

Completely online

Try a free, no-obligation lesson

Recommended by parents, students and experts

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FAQs about tutoring costs



Tutoring expert

Try GoStudent online tutoring for free

The cost of tutoring depends on the type of package you choose but you will never pay more than $49.99 per lesson. The price is not influenced by the chosen subject or the level of the student. So, for the same package, the price of Maths tutoring for high school students will be the same as the price of English tutoring for elementary school students.

A trial lesson is a free tutoring session where you get to know your tutor and the GoStudent service without obligation. After this first lesson, the tutor will assess the situation with the student and develop a personalised and flexible learning plan.

Once enrolled with GoStudent, you'll have access to all the features of our online platform to book lessons, change your schedule, monitor performance, or write to your tutor. In addition, you will receive a monthly credit based on the package you have chosen to book your tutoring sessions.

The credit for booking classes can be used to book several tutors for different subjects. For example, with the same credit, you can book French and English tutoring with two different tutors.

You can pay for tutoring easily using all credit and debit cards.

The price of 50 minutes of tutoring depends on the type of package you choose. The higher the number of lessons included in the package, the lower the price of each session. Please note that the price of the lessons is not influenced by the subject or level of the student, but only by the type of package purchased.