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We only take tutors who have the right character. They are compassionate and provide motivation as well as a good learning atmosphere.


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All our tutors go through a selective admission process. This ensures that they have an excellent command of their subjects.


Always flexible and reliable

The concerns of our students and their parents are always addressed in order to ensure long-term successful cooperation.


Regular tests & training

Quality checks and targeted support guarantee a core of dedicated tutors who are constantly developing with our help.


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Questions and answers about the tutor community

Applicants undergo several tests before being allowed to teach on our platform. They are tested not only for their subject knowledge, but also for their personal and teaching skills. On average, only 2 out of 10 applicants are accepted.

Most of our tutors are students who have converted their enthusiasm for their subjects into their studies. Therefore, they are able to teach their students to approach their subject with great enthusiasm and thus inspire them.

The learning material comes directly from the student. This ensures that the lessons cover exactly what is required. Additional topics can also be prepared on request.

If a tutor is no longer suitable for chemistry or organisational reasons, you are able to change tutors without any problems.

A WhatsApp group is set up for communication between the pupil, tutor and parent. Here you can discuss and coordinate lessons. There is also a GoStudent customer success colleague in the group to help if necessary.

No, of course not. Lessons are between the student and tutor. Supervision is not necessary. However, as we like to involve parents in the process, they are regularly given updates about the tutoring.