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Annabel Heath
I am currently studying product design and manufacture at the University of Nottingham. I have maths, physics and engineering a-levels and I am looking to tutor maths students from year seven to year eleven. I have previous experience working with year sevens in a maths classroom and a year elevens with one-on-one tutoring going through past papers. I like to read and go on walks to help keep a positive attitude. I have completed both bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and have also completed my leadership training with Girls Brigade.
Maths (lower level)
Jaime Caballero
** NOTE ** - taking only students that are interested in 3 lessons per week or more Hello! My name is Jaime. I've been a tutor for a bit under two years teaching all sciences, math, and occasionally history, computer science, and Spanish. My top priority is to make my students understand their subjects at a fundamental level while making the lesson fun and engaging. I achieve this by involving the student as much as possible, asking questions, and encouraging discussion. I take an empathetic approach and focus on curiosity and independent learning. My subjects to teach: - Lower level: sciences, math, history, physical ed. - GCSE: Math, all three sciences, computer science, physical ed. - A-Level: biology and chemistry (NOT organic chemistry) - Languages: Spanish (native speaker)
Biology, Chemistry, Coding, Computer Science, Maths (lower level), Spanish
Rebecca Tenney
Hello! My name is Rebecca and I'm an experienced tutor with a mathematical physics PhD. Within the last year, I have completed nearly 1000 tutoring sessions in both physics and mathematics helping many GCSE and A-level students achieve the best possible grades. I believe all students can learn to love mathematics and physics, so while my sessions focus on teaching content and exam preparation, I also give time to helping students really understand concepts and increase their desire to learn. I am currently looking to fill up my schedule with 5 slots. I am looking for students in the following subjects: GCSE: Mathematics and physics. A-Level: Mathematics and physics. Higher Level: Mathematics and physics. Exam Board Experience: AQA, Edexcel, OCR. Languages: English (Native speaker). Preferred student age group: GCSE/ A-level
Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics
Ben Richards
Hi there! I am a Ben and I've just started my second year as an Economics Student at the university of York. I love being busy and have lots of hobbies ranging from painting and songwriting to football and tennis. I'm a friendly and approachable person with previous experience looking after and teaching children and I can't wait to help you learn!
Business Administration, Economics, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Anna Fancett
If you're looking for a tutor who's passionate and patient, look no further! I bring my creative yet logical approach to English literature and ESL to every tutoring session. I have three degrees, including a PhD, in English literature, and have worked for further education institutions for over ten years. From 8 year olds wanting to improve their reading comprehension, to students preparing for school exams, to undergraduates needing to write better essays, I've tutored them all! Most of my school experience is in the Scottish curriculum. I have a CELTA in teaching English as a foriegn language and have taught children and adults in Asia and the Middle East. I love teaching all levels, especially children.
Ibrahim Khambaty
I am currently pursuing my bachelors in Economics at the University of Warwick. Academically, I have excelled in my examinations with 3 A*s and 1A in A Levels and 11A*s in my GCSEs. While on the extra academic front, I have held many leadership positions and won several competitions. But most importantly, I have been tutoring for the past 4 years where I have taught students Maths, Economics and English in Pakistan, USA and Saudi Arabia and am proud to say that I have boosted grades of each individual I have taught.
Economics, Maths (lower level)

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Top-Rated Tutoring In Bradford

Bradford is one of the most exciting places in West Yorkshire. Home to the National Science and Media Museum and the Bradford Industrial Museum, the city is full of history, culture, and plenty of options for family entertainment! The city surely sets up its young residents for success, too, with its number of highly-ranked schools including Dixons City Academy, Dixons McMillan Academy, and Feversham Academy. Bradford provides many opportunities for children to thrive academically.

However, most students still struggle with their coursework on a regular basis. Even though it can be difficult, school does not have to be frightening or overwhelming. Instead, it can be an exciting chance to learn something new! Your child already has everything they need to succeed, and GoStudent is here to help them find it. Do you want to know how we will assist your child in achieving academic success and building confidence? GoStudent offers the best tutoring in Bradford, and we're excited to see your child succeed.

What is GoStudent?

GoStudent is tutoring reinvented. Our cutting-edge online learning platform is home to the online tutors in Bradford. GoStudent’s individualised approach to tutoring means your child will reach all their academic goals.

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With GoStudent, your child has access to world-class tutoring, right from the comfort of home. Online tutoring in Bradford saves you and your busy family time and money.

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All GoStudent tutors are passionate about watching their students succeed. Before joining our team, our tutors are vetted for their subject matter expertise and personality. GoStudent tutors inspire and motivate students, and will help your child reach their full potential.

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GoStudent sends parents regular reports updating them on their child’s tutoring sessions. Parents and tutors are also linked in a WhatsApp chat to stay in close communication.