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Matthew Fall
MSc Chemistry student @ University of Cambridge; Ninja Warrior athlete and speed climber. I'm a friendly, approachable and engaging tutor who understands that students have a lot on their plate managing schoolwork, sports/extracurriculars, hobbies and a social life. I create a comfortable tutoring environment where questions are encouraged and mistakes are welcomed, and where we can have fun learning together.
11+, Biology, Chemistry, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics, Science
Jack Drayton
Levels and Subjects I Teach: GCSE: Maths A-Level: Maths, Physics Exam Board Experience: Edexcel, AQA Languages: I currently don't speak any other languages except for English. SEND (Special Education Needs and Disability) Experience: I currently don't have any SEND experience. Preferred Student Age Group: GCSE A-Level About me: Hello, my name is Jack and I'm currently studying Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol. I'm very passionate about the degree that I'm pursuing so that comes with my passion for both Physics and Maths. If I'm not in uni, I'm normally playing football or getting locked into a very binge-able TV series. During my years in secondary school and sixth form, I tutored a variety of age groups and while helping them I was able to develop strong revision tools that not only helped them but also helped me a lot. I hope to provide key tools to aid revision and help you achieve your dream grades!
Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics
Abdul Rehman Mohsin
Hello! My name is Abdul Rehman Mohsin. I am an undergraduate student of mechanical engineering. The subjects I teach are Alevel and GCSE Maths and Physics, GCSE chemistry and Alevel Philosophy and theology(or simply philosophy). I have achieved A*s in Alevel Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics, so I can help you achieve the same. I can also help you out with Alevel Further Mathematics. Having been a part of the national physics team for my country for the 2020 IPHO, my physics is also quite strong. Although I did not study philosophy in my Alevel, I was always interested in the subject. Having read quite a few books, articles/papers and having watched so many debates, I have a good grasp on the basics and I continue to delve deeper. Therefore, I am confident that I can teach Alevel Philosophy. Now moving beyond academics, I am a big video games and anime enthusiast, so if you are a red dead or a one piece fan, we can have a lot to talk about. Addtionally, my hobbies range from reading lots of philosophy to playing strategy games such as chess or Age of Empires 3.
Chemistry, Maths (upper level), Other, Physics
Soufyan Soogun
I have graduated my Accounting and Finance degree at the University of Sussex. I am an advocate for hard work and smart work, always emphasising the importance of practice to learn, whilst adapting to the needs of my students. My experiences at Ali's Academy (Tutor), NHS Health Education England (Programme Management Assistant) and KPMG.
Biology, Business Administration, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Physics, Science
Yashani Gohil
GCSEs: maths, further maths, chemistry, physics, biology Exam board exp: AQA/Edexcel/OCR (3 sciences), Edexcel (maths), CEM and GL (11+) Experience: KS2/KS3/KS4/11+ Exp with disabilities: experience with ADHD and dyslexia Hi! I'm Yashani, currently an undergraduate at Queen's University Belfast, studying Architecture. I completed A-levels in maths, chemistry, physics and graphic design. I enjoy reading, drawing and watching the F1.
11+, Chemistry, Maths (lower level), Physics
Osanna Chu
About me: Having graduated from the University of Sheffield (MRes Ecology and Environment - Distinction), I will be starting my PhD in Sept 2023 at the University of Birmingham. Prior to this, I studied Biology at Imperial College London, and took Maths, Chemistry and Biology for A-levels. I've been a private tutor for two years now, and I started off tutoring because I enjoyed teaching my peers at school. In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano and listening to music. Preferred student age group: Secondary, GCSE (Maths and Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) KS3- GCSE level) Exam board experience: I've taken exams from various exam boards and know how to read the specification/assessment criteria and use that to my advantage when revising. Languages: English (first language, native), Cantonese (native/bilingual level), Mandarin (conversational)
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (lower level), Physics

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