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Edward Williams
Hello my name is Edward, I am currently a first undergraduate studying Mechanical Engineering at UCL. I have a year of tutoring experience and I'm here to help assist fellow students. I have many hobbies, I enjoy keeping fit by practising kickboxing and going to the gym regularly. I also play guitar and have a passion for music. I also try to spend a good amount of time reading, i'm currently making my way through the Game of Thrones books.
Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Alwiya Mohamed
GCSE: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English. A-Level: Biology, Psychology. Hi! My name is Alwiya and I am a 3rd year Biomedical Sciences student at King's College London, specialising specifically in Neuropharmacology. I have studied biology, chemistry, maths, and psychology at A-Level and achieved 4A*s. At GCSE, I achieved 9 grade 9s and 2 grade 7s. I am very passionate about the subjects I teach and I look forward to providing students with engaging and informative lessons to allow them to progress and flourish in their education!
Biology, Chemistry, English, Maths (lower level), Other
Josh Ingham
Hi, I'm Josh, an 18-year-old from Norwich, UK. I'm currently enjoying my gap year before I leave to study Economics at Sheffield University. I'm currently working as a mentor in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at a leading UK Sixth Form, where I was a previous student and mentoring online outside of this. Despite my relative youth I also have previous experience mentoring GCSE maths at a local high school and privately. Additionally, whilst in Vietnam, I taught English to prospective IELTS students. Outside of mentoring, I enjoy racquet sports, running and skiing as well as good books and good music.
Computer Science, Maths (lower level), Physics
Arabhy Suresh
Lower level: Maths GCSE: Maths Experience in tutoring Edexcel GCSE Maths Hey there! I'm Arabhy, I'm from London and I'm an Economics student at the University of Birmingham. I have been tutoring Maths for two years now, and it's become one of the things I most enjoy. Outside academia, I am an avid swimmer and baker, and I love to read too!
11+, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level)
Thomas Armstrong
Levels and Subjects I teach: GCSE: Mathematics and Computer Science. A Level: Mathematics and Computer Science Programming. Programming language preferences are Java, C, Python and Delphi/Lazarus, but will also be happy with C++ Exam Board Experience: AQA: A level Computer Science OCR: A Level Maths GCSE Computer Science Edexcel: GCSE Mathematics However I am happy to teach other exam boards Languages: English fluently SEND (Special Education Needs and Disability) experience: None Preferred Student Age Group: GCSE/A level or any for programming
Coding, Computer Science, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
katie harris
Hi I'm Katie. In my free time I like to be with my friends, as well as social events within university, such as out chem eng society! Also, I enjoy cooking and baking and coming up with new recipes and flavours, as well as sharing this to my friends; especially cakes!
Chemistry, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level)

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FAQs about KS3 Maths tutoring

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What are the benefits of taking online KS3 Maths tuition?


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What is KS3 Maths?

KS3 Maths is short for Key Stage 3 Maths, which refers to a period of three years of schooling in public or state schools. In England and Wales, this covers Years 7, 8, and 9, and in Northern Ireland, this covers Years 8, 9, and 10.

What is taught in KS3 Maths?

The KS3 Maths course is broken down into six mathematical themes which are then further split into core concepts. Here are the topics that your kid can expect to learn in their KS3 Maths lessons:

KS3 Maths Themes and Core Concepts

Theme 1: The structure of the number system

  • Place value, estimation and rounding

  • Properties of number

  • Ordering and comparing

  • Simplifying and manipulating expressions, equations and formulae

Theme 2: Operating on number

  • Arithmetic procedures

  • Solving linear equations

Theme 3: Multiplicative reasoning

  • Understanding multiplicative relationships

  • Trigonometry

Theme 4: Sequences and graphs

  • Sequences

  • Graphical representations

Theme 5: Statistics and probability

  • Statistical representations and measures

  • Statistical analysis

  • Probability

Theme 6: Geometry

  • Geometrical properties

  • Perimeter, area and volume

  • Transforming shapes

  • Constructions

Who takes the KS3 Maths course?

The KS3 Maths course is one of the compulsory subjects at this level. The other compulsory subjects are:

  • Science

  • English

  • Geography

  • History

  • Modern foreign languages

  • Music

  • Computing

  • Physical Education

  • Design and technology

  • Art and design

  • Citizenship

  • Religious education*

  • Sex education*

*While schools have to offer these two subjects, you can request that your child be taken out of all or part of the lesson.

What to expect on the KS3 Maths exams

Students are awarded a grade of A* - E on their KS3 Maths exam. We’re going to provide you with some sample questions of what your kid can expect on the various KS3 Maths exams as taken from past papers used in England.

KS3 Maths exam questions - Year 7

Here are some example questions of what a Year 7 KS3 Maths exam could include:

  • Identify which numbers (from a set provided) round to 350 to the nearest ten

  • Mark on a line where a fraction’s position lies (i.e. 8/10)

  • Write down a large number that is given in words in figures

  • Using given equations to work out the value of “y”

KS3 Maths exam questions - Year 8

Here are some example questions of what a Year 8 KS3 Maths exam could include:

  • Working out coordinates on a graph

  • Working out the ratios of two sets of shapes to each other

  • Converting pounds (e.g. £300) into another currency based on the exchange rate provided

  • Working out the probability of an outcome of coins being flipped (e.g. two coins landing on tails)

KS3 Maths exam questions - Year 9

Here are some example questions of what a Year 9 KS3 Maths exam could include:

  • Working out percentages from a given statement (e.g. If John scored 31 out of 35 on his Year 9 KS3 exam, what percentage did John get correct?)

  • Working out the volume of a cylinder from a diagram with two measurements provided

  • Finding the lowest common multiple of two numbers provided

Are the KS3 Maths lessons important?

Yes, KS3 Maths lessons are hugely important for your child. There are a number of reasons for this but somewhere at the top of the list is the fact that KS3 Maths is the foundation for KS4 Maths, which is also compulsory. If your child struggles with KS3 Maths, they will find the next level even more difficult and it will keep getting harder to catch up.

Even if KS3 Maths is not your child’s favourite area to study, Maths is an important subject because many universities favour it if your child does want to go on to higher education. It’s important to keep the options open for your child even if they have no clue at this stage what career path to take. Acing KS3 Maths lessons and future Maths classes at school will give your child an advantage.

Apart from the future benefits, KS3 Maths lessons teach valuable skills that we end up using into our adulthood, and your kid will too. OK, some of the content isn’t as relevant as other areas and a bit trickier to put into practice but at this stage, much of the material can be applied in real life (e.g. working out the best deal, adjusting the quantities in a recipe, or quickly converting currency in your brain).

How to help your child with KS3 Maths revision

You can get as creative and colourful as you like with KS3 Maths revision. Repetition will help your child out enormously. Here are some suggestions to keep your kid motivated and in the habit of doing regular KS3 Maths revision.

Make posters with key information from KS3 Maths lessons

This may not be the styling you’re looking for at home but keeping visual references around the house (or at least their room) keeps things fresh in their mind. This works best for any equations, functions, or values they need to know off by heart.

Find KS3 Maths lessons on video

If your child is finding some of the KS3 Maths concepts challenging (and there will be at least a few) then give in to screentime. You’ll find short explanatory videos online for most KS3 Maths topics. Often, having someone explain it in a slightly different way or more slowly than in class will give your kid the lightning bolt moment they need.

Go over practice KS3 Maths exams

Going over past or sample KS3 Maths exams will not only prepare your child for the stress of the day but also identify any gaps in knowledge. If there’s a type of question they keep getting wrong, it’s time to focus on that. Sometimes, your kid may feel like they understand a KS3 Maths concept but when it comes to putting it into action, there is a bit missing.

Call in KS3 Maths private tuition

Calling in KS3 Maths private tuition is like calling in positive enforcement. Private KS3 Maths tutoring isn’t just for when times get tough. At this level, many parents start enlisting the help of a Private KS3 Maths tutor so it helps get their kids on the front foot.

KS3 Maths online tutoring is also about nurturing your kid’s confidence. We find that many pupils at this age are hesitant to speak up in class and ask all of the questions they really have. Asking a private KS3 Maths tutor takes away this dread and any worry about peers (or even their teacher) thinking they’re silly or laughing at them.

KS3 Maths online tutoring or in-person?

KS3 Maths online tutoring offers a safe barrier for your child to feel safe asking questions even if they feel they are stupid (of course, as adults we know there is no such thing as a stupid question but kids still feel embarrassed). A KS3 Maths online tutor can provide support from what is seen as a safe distance for the student.

Here are some other advantages of KS3 Maths online tutoring.

Online KS3 Maths tuition saves time

This one is as much a bonus for you as it is for your child since you’re probably already taking them to extra-curricular activities, friends’ houses, etc. Choosing to do KS3 Maths tuition online means no travel necessary. For your kid, this can feel like a real lifesaver, especially as they near their KS3 Maths exam and need to utilise all the study and rest time they can.

Bonus KS3 Maths online revision

With classes on the internet, your kid will also get the bonus of more KS3 Maths online revision. A KS3 Maths online tutor will give your child additional KS3 Maths exams to practise and other KS3 Maths online revision materials to help them study. Having everything in one place is really beneficial and means less clutter than having extra books and papers stacked up around the house.

A KS3 Maths online course is flexible

You can book KS3 Maths online course help with the click of a button. Schedule weekly sessions or book a class for the next day, or whatever your preference is. You can book a KS3 Maths online tutor whenever your kid needs a class and it suits you.

With GoStudent, this is all managed over our dedicated platform. The platform is also where you’ll find updates on your kid’s progress, upcoming classes, KS3 Maths online revision, and more. Keeping everything online and in one area makes your life much easier and keeps things tidy. The last thing your child needs when they’re faced with upcoming KS3 Maths exams is more stress and trying to note down their KS3 Maths online tutoring timetable.

It’s this clean system and our professional KS3 Maths tutors that keep our students and their parents so satisfied. We always screen our KS3 Maths tutors and select the finest candidates with the most impressive credentials. Then, we provide training to them to give our KS3 Maths tutors an edge.

Whenever you’re ready to find private KS3 Maths tutoring for your child, we’ll be here. We will match the perfect KS3 Maths online tutor to your child. We offer a free trial class so you have nothing to lose and we think you’ll love the smile on your child’s face afterwards. That’s because our KS3 Maths online tutors make each session fun, interesting, and rewarding.